GISBH sponsored Qurban at Binidayan, Lanao del Sur, Philippines

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The Global Ikhwan GISB Holdings Sdn. Bhd sponsored its first Qurban Distrubution at Binidayan, Lanao del Sur, Philippines on August 12, 2019. There were two identified communities which benefited with the meat distribution namely: Barangay Pagalamatan and Picalilangan.

The beneficiaries, Ulamas, leaders and local government unit (LGU) of Binidayan, Lanao del Sur expresses their heartfelt thanks to GISB Holdings Sdn. Bhd., especially to their leaders: Executive Chairman TUAN MOHD RASIDI ABDULLAH, Chairman of the Adisory Board TUAN NASIRUDDIN MOHD ALI, Chief Executive Officer TUAN DATO LOKMAN PFORDTEN for “Bringing Delight with Full Spirit in sharing ang promoting LOVE & CARE as Key to Universal Unity” with the poor Bangsamoro Muslim brothers & sisters who evacuated from Marawi City in 2017 due to fighting and burning of their houses.

In coordination with Dimnatang Radia, Honorable Punudaranao B. Datumulok, the Vice Mayor of the said municipality and Councilor Omar Sharief Datumulok Radia with the help of Pagalamatan Barangay Chairman Sahaboddin B. Datumulok, MILF Commander Imam Ansar Ampuan and concerned citizens actively helped in identifying and organizing the beneficiaries. A total of 100 families received parts of the meat, 50 from Barangay Pagalamatan and another 50 from Barangay Picalilangan.

The two cows (meat) were purchased from the local farmers, Faisal Kibad and Bapa Musama. The cow for Barangay Pagalamatan costs P 28, 000 pesos and the other one for Barangay Picalilangan costs P 27,000 pesos

A successful ceremonial distribution was done a day after the celebration of the holy feast of sacrifice- Eid’l Adha, which was headed by local religous leaders who performed the Du’a, followed by the slaughtering and cutting of the cow meat, up to the equal distribution.

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